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J Parga Tree Service was founded in 1985.

Whether we are working on a residential project or a commercial project, we always strive to do the best job possible.

Part of our success has been taking great care of your trees and making them look more appealing. During the process of the job, we like to get your opinion because we really want you to be fully satisfied with our job.

We are happy to give out estimates any day of the week and at a time that will be most convenient for you. At the time of the estimate, we can be there for as long as you need to answer all of your questions.

We have all of the necessary equipment to bring you the best results on the job. We guarantee the beauty and health of your trees by using the right equipment. We carry all necessary equipment for any size job, like power stump grinders and chippers. All of our trucks are fully loaded to haul away tree trimmings for composting

If you want to know the right time and the right way to trim your trees, call a company that will leave you satisfied.  Call J Parga Tree Service.